6.2.3 Version

New Features:

  • Telegram: ability to show replies on messages in chats and group chats;
  • New "Short Name" application: ability to hide full names of users on frontend.


  • Knowledge Base: now you can select authors of articles only from the list of support agents;
  • RSS: subscribe to the feed only of required community;
  • Autolock Replies: added setting to set lock time of requests (1-5 minutes)

Bug Fixes:

  • Automation: auto-completion of requests worked incorrectly sometimes;
  • Custom User Permissions: users with custom permissions didn't inherit team permissions when setting him to new team;
  • Notifications: in chats new notifications didn't come through when you were even subscribed to them;
  • Analytics-CSAT: if request was completed with nobody assigned, there was no info on these;
  • Automation: notification was sent to agents who didn't have access to the community. 
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