6.1.0 Version


  • Automation: added Ignore action in triggers for Chat: Incoming message event;
  • Automation: added Guest parameter for User: Team condition in triggers for Object is Created, Comment is Created, Chat: Incoming Message events;
  • Automation: added Lock Replies to all events in triggers;
  • Chat widget: improved the performance of chatbot scenario flow;
  • Chatbots: added possibility to embed additional steps in any part of a scenario;
  • Chat: when chat is locked, a new chat for a user should be created;
  • Chat: unread messages are sent via email to users just for the current day;
  • Chat: preloader was added to a chat conversation page;
  • Teams: added option to check/uncheck all forums when creating or editing teams;
  • Reports: added Selected Agent option for Comment condition;
  • Email Templates: added template for notifying responsible agents about a task inside topics/tickets.

Bug Fixes

  • Performance in Analytics didn't show the values for agents working outside business hours;
  • Lock replies didn't work automatically;
  • Testing option for chatbot scenarios didn't work;
  • Linked chatbot scenarios didn't start from the first step in widget;
  • Linking of chatbot scenarios didn't work in messengers;
  • Author was not indicated in the list of subscribers in the chat options;
  • Failed searches were not counted in Search Insights in Analytics;
  • Trigger with HTML selector couldn't be saved;
  • Auto replies were not sent by triggers;
  • Fix with the speed of getting search results on community page;
  • Fixed minor UI defect in the left navigation bar with the Chat View option enabled;
  • Fix of error when switching the report views;
  • Fixed UI defect with displaying of the leave comment block on object page after submitting several changes;
  • The option to add FB Messenger in support channels wasn't shown;
  • The community could not be deleted when going to the support channels settings in agents interface from this community frontend;

+ 10 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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