6.4 Version

New Features

  • Votes Alert: notify subscribed support agents on ideas that get specific number of votes;
  • Close Voting: you can select statuses inside feedback system on which ideas, questions or problems will be closed for voting.


  • Delimiter in Emails: now system doesn't need "Reply Above This Line" as delimiter in outgoing emails to keep reply clean;
  • Teams: now administrators can change team for yourself keeping all admin permissions;
  • Facebook: it's deprecated as a channel. Please use "Messenger" as Facebook channel instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Tasks: images were not added correctly inside tasks;
  • Live Chat: users could post messages even in locked chat;
  • Polls: there were no ability to show more than 3 polls at once on home page;
  • Roadmap: fixed filter by roadmaps visibility.
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