6.2 Version

New Features

  • Linked Objects: added ability to link tickets, topics and chats with dependency option
  • RTL: added support of RTL languages.
  • Canned Responses: now you can trigger canned responses and put title of email, ticket or topic.


  • Popups: improved UI of the popups in agent interface;
  • User Profile: now all objects are shown by default where user is subscribed;
  • Applications: added option to go to Applications page right from main menu;

Bug Fixes

  • Agent using this report option didn't work in the Object: Created By condition of analytics reports;
  • OAuth: fixed issues with team mapping;
  • Sharing of Article: there was issue with sharing of article in advanced mode.
  • Applications: some application settings were not saved;
  • Umlauts: fixed issue with umlauts in URLs;
  • Chat Server: fixed several issues with chat server. Customers with own chat server should update it.

Security Fix:

  • Severe Vulnerability: fixed ability to get personal user data through the system.
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