6.1.4 Version


  • Chatbots: added extended report in the Analytics section;
  • Business Hours: more detailed statistics of agents working hours is displayed in the analytics report;
  • Search Autocomplete: added the auto-filling along with eng/rus keyboard layout results for Elasticsearch with 1000+ objects in the system (Enterprise package);
  • Knowledgebase articles: added possibility to insert video via the direct link to the file.

Bug Fixes

  • Days Without Activity field was not saved in the Comments conditions of reports;
  • Minor UI fixes on the widgets settings page;
  • The display of a long topic category name was adjusted to mobile screens;
  • Reports did not show one-time results with enabled Chat view option;
  • Links to archived topics should open 404 error page when a certain topic type is disabled in the system settings;
  • The wrong value was shown in Updated by field of email notification when a user completed the ticket going to it via sharing link;
  • Fix with adding New Rule in Team Mapping in Advanced LDAP settings;
  • Tooltips were not shown in the analytics histograms of Insights report;
  • Fix of smart assignment if agents belong to a custom team;
  • Chat widget did not show reply field when a trigger Chat: On Click was set;
  • After comment moderation, the reports list was shown in the left panel;
  • Full user name was changed after guest submitting the user form with the email and another name in chatbot;
  • Fix of SSL certificate generation tool;
  • Time for Performance Analytics metrics was not shown in the format HH:MM:SS and UI fixes for histograms were made.
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