6.1.2 Version

New Features

  • Line messenger Integration.


  • Chatbots: added possibility to insert new steps inside the existing scenario;
  • Chatbots: added function to change the position of buttons in Card option;
  • Knowledge Base: extended export options: Views, Updated, Community, Connected Articles. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fix of applying Completed condition in analytics reports;
  • Average reply time was counted incorrectly in Performance metrics due to successive agent replies;
  • Fixed issues with First Reply Time metrics calculation in analytics reports;
  • Solved the conflict between triggers action and setting agents responsible manually;
  • Messages sent via email didn't come into a ticket without page reload;
  • Inbox report was not updated when new chats were created;
  • Fixed the mass action and restore function in the Deleted report;
  • Fix of the JS issue of redirecting to the frontend while performing the search in the Agents interface;
  • Chatbot scenario with Chat: Incoming Message event was launched during Test without fulfilling the event condition;
  • Chat widget showed the text field when the chatbot scenario was launched on User Opens Chat event; 
  • A user was got back to the not ended chatbot scenario when clicking New Chat in the widget;
  • Chat should be ignored when the first chat message is a file.

+ 10 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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