6.5.2 Version

New Features

  • Business Hours: now you can update assignments when you go offline.


  • Telegram: now you can view video messages;
  • Gamification: added progress bar on user profile for achievements;
  • Gamification: now it's fully supported in mobile ui;
  • Gamification: added option to recalculate points for all users based on activity;
  • Mass Actions: added option on reports and user profile to mass subscribe and unsubscribe from requests.

Bug Fixes

  • Reports: fixed issue with comments filtering;
  • Attachments: sometimes inline images didn't have extensions;
  • Mobile UI: fixed search on mobile devices;
  • Mailing Log: fixed issue with scheduled events - logs were not assigned to the request;
  • CSAT: sometimes CSAT was not sent to user.
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