5.2 Version

New Features

  • Knowledge Base: the ability to create subcategories of articles and FAQs;
  • Business Hours: agents can check-in/check-out manually;
  • OAuth Login: added custom users' field mapping.


  • Users Segmentation: displayed user and agent status in the user list;
  • WYSIWYG: support of HTML tables;
  • Email Templates: added :body variable to Ticket Auto Reply email template;
  • Email Notifications: displayed not activated users in CC in the emails sent from UseResponse instance;
  • Keyboard shortcuts: ability to call mentions and canned responses using key codes Shift+2 and Shift+3 respectively;
  • Activity Log: added Date Range filter on the Dashboard;
  • Automation Rules: added the option to schedule events in minutes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues when topics were filtered by different parameters on different pages in the user forum;
  • Replies to email notifications sent to users added to the ticket's sharing list were not converted into comments of the original ticket;
  • Fixed issues with duplicate requests in a report grouped by responsible;
  • Fixed issue with an empty timeline displayed on Activity Log page for a separate date;
  • Agents couldn't open Email Conflicts on requests page;
  • Not activated users got the error when using links to stop following the ticket from email notifications;
  • Disabled Category field was displayed on topic pages in the user interface;
  • The scale on the rating timeline in Analytics didn't match the satisfaction rating scale set up in the administration area;
  • Custom field value was sent incorrectly in custom templates sent by automation rules;
  • Mobile UI: fixed multiple issues when the agent tried to change settings of the admin account.
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