5.0.1 Version - Beta

New Features

  • WhatsApp Integration (Enterprise package);
  • Salesforce Integration (Enterprise package).


  • Notification Center: pinned notification bar while working through all notifications and performing actions on request page;
  • New Search Engine: improved search relevance;
  • Full Screen: added option to expand article and announcement work area;
  • Chat View: added mass edit option;
  • Filters: added filter, grouping and sorting options for Kanban view.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with submitting changes in announcements and articles;
  • Mobile UI: first agent in the list couldn't be mentioned;
  • Request title was displayed in the left bar instead of report title;
  • Fixed issue with editing full name in user profile;
  • Load More option didn't work in the left report view;
  • Fixed UI defect with statuses displaying in Kanban view;
  • Fixed issue in chat widget when user copies and pastes text snippet;
  • Incorrect value in "Set Author" field while editing request in agent interface.
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