5.1.4 Version

New Features

  • Scheduled Comments: the ability to schedule replies in tickets and topics.


  • Email Templates: the ability to edit the subject in email templates;
  • Quick actions: added user options on request pages in the agent interface;
  • Action bar: added Lock Comments icon on topic pages in the agent interface;
  • Reports Management: agents can activate/deactivate reports;
  • Reports Management: additional values in "Object: Tags" condition;
  • Business Hours: days off are sorted by date in the administration area;
  • Branding: added ability to set community icon displayed in Forums home screen widget.

Bug Fixes

  • Agents couldn't create new reports in the basic self-hosted package;
  • Agents couldn't edit knowledge base articles;
  • Users didn't see unread messages in a chat widget when they got back to a browser page;
  • Comments in topics couldn't be unlocked;
  • Fixed issue in Statistics when First Reply Time and Average Reply Time were calculated for emails sent from the agent interface;
  • A deleted user was still in a ticket sharing list;
  • Wrong entry in change log when the request was reassigned to another agent with smart automation tool;
  • Fixed issue with deleting of a vote on a topic statistics page;
  • Fixed minor issue when lock icon wasn't displayed in locked chats in the report list;
  • Tags with special characters couldn't be added into a customer request;
  • Links with @ and # symbols were displayed incorrectly in a chat conversation;
  • Push notification on a new mention in chat displayed the author name instead of the agent name;
  • "Stay on Page" setting didn't work while converting a chat into a ticket;
  • Fixed minor issues related to search results with Confluence articles (Enterprise package);
  • The request was marked as waiting for an agent reply in case an agent's private note was converted into a public comment;
  • Triggers were unchecked if the administrator read notification in Notification Center of the agent interface.
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