5.1.2 Version


  • Search: added ability to change a sorting parameter in the list of search results in the agent interface;
  • Multi-forums: agents without access to a forum (due to role permisions) can view the content in it in the user interface (Enterprise package);
  • Languages: added datetime localization.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple issues with metrics calculation in analytics reports (Enterprise package);
  • Announcements of all forums were displayed on the additional forum (Enterprise package);
  • Fixed issues with smart assignments among online agents (Enterprise package);
  • Fixed issue when agents used the advanced search within comments and a selected date range;
  • Search for the exact phrase didn't work in the agent interface;
  • Agents couldn't reply in the topic thread;
  • Mobile UI: options to reply and manage chats didn't work in the mobile interface;
  • If agents send emails from the agent interface with heavy attachments (>9Mb), users didn't receive these attachments;
  • Moderation report was displayed in the list even with deactivated smart moderation feature;
  • The first article couldn't be selected from the list if the agent entered the search keyword after * sign in the agent interface;
  • Request to allow push notifications was sent to an unauthorized user;
  • The date of task completion wasn't displayed;
  • Fixed issue when agent deleted a request from the list.
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