5.1 Version

New Features

  • New Agent Interface;
  • Live Chat & Help Desk: merged into one solution and interface;
  • Extended Analytics (Enterprise package);
  • Kanban View & Product Roadmap;
  • Smart Assignments (Enterprise package);
  • Conditional Fields (Enterprise package);
  • Single Sign-On: OAuth 2.0 (Enterprise package);
  • Integrations with CRM - Salesforce and Hubspot (Enterprise package);
  • WhatsApp Integration in chat (Enterprise package);
  • New Search Engine (Enterprise package).


  • Reports Management: improved queues and user segments management;
  • Track User Activity: you can track pages visited by your customers at the website where chat widget is integrated;
  • Tasks: the ability to add private tasks in topics, assign tasks to agents and build custom reports based on assigned tasks;
  • SLA Policy: ability to create and apply SLA rules for chat conversations;
  • Statuses for SLA: the ability to pause SLA with custom statuses (Enterprise package);
  • Tickets Visibility: one agent can belong to several groups;
  • Chat Visibility: ability to control agents' access to chat conversations based on the group they belong to;
  • Automation: added new actions in triggers to set ticket priority, feedback category and custom chat properties;
  • UI settings: added ability to override default system behavior after new request submission from agent interface;
  • Notification Center: added filters to group notifications by new requests, assignments, reminders, and mentions;
  • Notification Center: pin notifications while working on them and performing actions on the request page;
  • Knowledge Base: ability to call articles in new tickets and topics using * symbol;
  • Usability: added shortcuts CTRL/CMD+Enter to submit new ticket/topics, create new users in agent interface;
  • Live Chat: messages are divided by date on a chat page in the agent interface.
  • Canned Responses & Macros: ability to set group availability (Enterprise package);
  • Webhooks: ability to send several webhooks at a time;
  • Business Hours: create holidays for all departments simultaneously (Enterprise package);
  • Users Management: changed confirmation pop-up when deleting a user account in the agent interface;
  • Compose Email: added ticket fields on new email form;
  • ReCaptcha: force user to complete captcha even if it's disabled in admin area in case several user accounts were registered over the last 5 minutes;
  • Full Screen: added option to expand article and announcement working area;
  • Chat View: added mass edit option to perform multiple actions with chat dialogs at a time;
  • CSAT: users can edit the survey an unlimited number of times;
  • Reminders: sorted by datetime on Dashboard;
  • User Management: restricted agent permissions while creating new agent accounts based on group visibility (Enterprise package);
  • Queues: new sorting option by SLA timer and Due On field (Enterprise package);
  • Push Notifications: easier way to enable push notifications on mobile UI;
  • API: added ability to pass tags and company information while creating or updating user account.

Security Fixes

  • Critical: SQL injection due to an inadequate validation of search input;
  • Medium: Reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability in the Topic commenting through the attacker's resource.
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