5.0.3 Version - Beta

New Features

  1. Single Sign On: OAuth 2.0 (Enterprise package).
  2. Redesigned Analytics


  1. Extended Analytics: ability to create custom analytic views with certain charts and tables (Enterprise package);
  2. Salesforce integration: ability to create new contact in Salesforce and move UseResponse tickets to Salesforce cases (Enterprise package);
  3. UI settings: added ability to override default system behavior after new request submission from agent interface;
  4. Request Form: added "take it" link in Responsible field to assign the request while creating or editing it in agent interface;
  5. Knowledge Base: ability to call articles in new tickets and topics using * symbol;
  6. Usability: added shortcuts CTRL/CMD+Enter to submit new ticket/topics, create new users in agent interface;
  7. Live Chat: messages are divided by date on a chat page in agent interface.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue with deleting a user from his profile;
  2. Agent couldn't move comments into tickets and topics;
  3. Fixed issue with moving a topic on moderation into a ticket;
  4. Fixed issue occurred when adding a comment inside a ticket right after moving a chat dialog into this ticket;
  5. Fixed issue with searching for users when adding them into a ticket's sharing list;
  6. Fixed issues with export of articles in .pdf format;
  7. Wrong status was applied to the ticket after editing it;
  8. Agent couldn't delete objects from Spam box with mass edit option;
  9. Fixed issues related to report management;
  10. Ignore action didn't work for User Created event in triggers when submitting tickets anonymously;
  11. Agents couldn't create and edit announcements when all feedback types were disabled;
  12. Fixed issue when agent tried to empty trash;
  13. Fixed issue when deleted comments and articles were not displayed in Trash;
  14. Required empty fields were not highlighted when submitting new user form in agent interface;
  15. Disabled Google+ icon from Share widget on home screen, topic and announcement pages in user interface;
  16. Fixed issue when satisfaction score on Dashboard included the score on deleted requests;
  17. Users didn't receive confirmation email notifications when requesting to cancel their accounts.

+ 30 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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