5.1.7 Version


  • Tasks Management: displayed responsible agents for tasks in the table list of requests;
  • Trusted Domains: added ability to mark domains as trusted to deliver emails from them into inbox instead of spam;
  • Extended User Tooltip: added extended information in tooltips for user columns in the table list of requests;
  • Email Templates: added several variables for default system templates and custom notifications configured in automation rules;
  • Activity Log: displayed timeline for other date periods of activity.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when the system didn't force a user to fill out the required field while submitting a new request in case there was a required conditional field on the form;
  • Fixed issue when email notifications were sent from the system mailbox instead of the mailbox of the group the ticket was assigned to (Enterprise package);
  • Replies to custom email notifications were not converted into comments of the original request;
  • Fixed issue when daily scheduled jobs couldn't be launched in the self-hosted help desk package;
  • The agent couldn't scroll up the chat conversation while the user was typing his reply.

+ 5 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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