5.0 Version (BETA)

New Features

  • New Agent Interface;
  • Extended Analytics BETA (Enterprise package);
  • New Search Engine: improved performance on high load systems;
  • Smart Assignments: automatic ticket or topic route set up using triggers (Enterprise package);
  • Conditional Fields: ability to build ticket and feedback form with dependent fields;
  • Product Roadmap: added Kanban view of all incoming requests;
  • Live Chat & Help Desk: merged into one solution and interface.


  • Agent Group Management: restricted agent permissions while creating new agent accounts based on group visibility (Enterprise package);
  • Statuses for SLA: ability to pause SLA with custom statuses (Enterprise package);
  • Automation: added new actions in triggers to set ticket priority and feedback category;
  • Queues: new sorting option by SLA timer (Enterprise package);
  • Push Notifications: easier way to enable push notifications on mobile UI;
  • API: added ability to pass tags and company information while creating or updating user account.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed survey form opened in social messengers (Enterprise package);
  • Fixed issues with new feedback, tickets and users submitted via API;
  • User couldn't be mark as trusted using bulk actions;
  • Comment or note in ticket couldn't be converted into separate task;
  • Fixed issue when emails with empty body got into spam box and trigger with Ignore action was launched;
  • Attachments were stored in database even if task with attachment was deleted;
  • Fixed issue when topic was moved to Jira account (Enterprise package);
  • Fixed issue when deleting article with attachment via API with Jira module enabled;
  • Change log in ticket submitted anonymously didn't display who completed the ticket in case the action was performed by ticket author;
  • Users couldn't submit any changes in the comment in user interface;
  • Fixed issue on chat page in basic self-hosted package;
  • Ticket was forwarded from author name not the agent name who performed the action.

+ 20 more minor bug fixes and improvements.

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