5.2.1 Version


  • Search: displayed email address while searching for users in the agent interface.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with scheduling a comment in the agent interface;
  • Quotation marks were not saved in requests and comments;
  • Agents who were unavailable during their days off were not marked in the responsible field;
  • Fixed issue when chat options in the agent interface were displayed using 3 on the keyboard;
  • Administrator couldn't access Login Plus settings in the administration area;
  • Fixed issue when a new secret key was saved in OneLogin settings without submitting the changes;
  • Agent couldn't paste the text into the comment area in the agent interface;
  • Empty table was displayed in users' replies;
  • The search for users didn't work when entering a search query in the Forward pop-up;
  • Fixed minor issue with Daylight Saving Time setting located in the wrong section of the administration area.
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