3.4.5 Version

This is a hot release with many bug fixes and serious fix in Firefox 49+. Highly recommended for upgrade.


  • Now guests see all comments without hidden option;
  • Reports: added custom fields to additional columns;
  • Added following files extensions for attachments: swf, webm, md;
  • Added Japanese built-in language.

Bug Fixes

  • Important: fixed - on Firefox 49+ adding comments, topics, tickets stopped working because of iframe.
  • Delete User button wasn't seen by default for admins;
  • Fixed reminder assignments on internal notes;
  • Large files were not uploaded correctly;
  • When topic/ticket was edited, all subscribers were dropped;
  • Activity Log: top filters were not working correctly;
  • Conversion topic into ticket affected statics to show wrong values on replies.

Security Fixes:

  • Medium: fixed possible XSS on separate login page;
  • Low: fixed XSS in the top notifications area.
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