3.1.1 Version

New Features

  • Mobile Interface: multi-edit options on topics/tickets page;
  • Added quick access to topics and tickets in user navigation;
  • Single Sign-On: integrated LDAP login form on desktop and mobile interfaces;
  • SEO: added valid page title display for different types of topics. Added 404 error on required routes. Added meta-description to topics.


  • If negative votes option is switched on, users can vote for this only on full topic page;
  • Reports: export to CSV and Excel is done with description field of the object;
  • 10 + Minor improvements on mobile interface and extra tweaks with events for development of modules.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed problem with adding topics from another author;
  • SSO: in onelogin authentication user had to refresh the page in order to see he is online;
  • Live Chat: fixed submitting offline form;
  • Some subscribers in tickets and topics page were not displayed in the list;
  • Fixed bug with category icons in custom filter;
  • Password recovery didn't work correct both on desktop and mobile version;
  • Agents couldn't get to users profiles on mobile interface;
  • Fixed several translation issues;
  • Paginator didn't work correctly in topics list;
  • On reply to comment, user got validation error with 3 characters required;
  • Fixed global problem with search that caused 500 error;
  • Live Chat: some hashtags didn't work correctly for operators;
  • Compatibility fix with short tags on some environments;
  • Fixed migration of replies to comments from 2.3.x to 3.1.x release;
  • User profile: gravatar was parsed from http even if we were on secure protocol that caused insecure connection of support center;
  • 25 + Minor bug fixes in desktop interface and browsers compatibility.
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