3.2.2 Version

New Features:

  • Help Desk: added custom fields in ticket rules;
  • Help Desk: logging all emails between any number of CC;
  • Auto-Archive topics settings;
  • Mobile UI: access saved reports.


  • Improved Auto-Upgrade to upgrade from old versions;
  • Better translation tool;
  • Help Desk: Added tags to ticketing system;
  • When creating new user, you can set custom field;
  • Now you can browse reports with tags and source filters;
  • Help Desk: improved email templates and reply to comments feature;
  • Objects with more than 10 comments will display latest 3 comments only to expand the rest on the click;
  • Help Desk: Improved Sharing of tickets for other users to participate in the conversation.

Bug Fixes

  • Properties are now hidden when all of them inside are hidden from user;
  • Fixed changing type of topic with incorrect set of status for it;
  • Fixed adding comments when moderation was on;
  • When merging topics, votes were not displayed correctly;
  • Similar topics displayed topics from inactive feedback types;
  • Fixed filters on topics list page;
  • When adding topic / ticket from another author, this author wasn't automatically subscribed to it and didn't get notifications;
  • Help Desk: tickets were not reopened when "option to reopen on comment via email" was on;
  • Chat: even with branding removal, UseResponse logo was shown;

+20 small bug fixes and improvements in desktop, mobile interface and system caching.

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