3.1 Version

What's New / Improved

  • New and improved system core. Old modules won't work in new system;
  • Ticketing system in Help Desk module that allows you to add tickets via email, post replies via email to tickets and topics;
  • Improved Knowledge Base with articles and FAQs;
  • Home Screen Customization with Home Screen Widgets managed in Administration area;
  • Improved user interface;
  • Agents bar that is available only for support agents and administrators;
  • New Reports section that allows to filter any field in object and save reports;
  • Improved managements of topics and tickets with multi-action option on lists and ticket/topic page;
  • Dashboard: now agents will see all topics and tickets they should have pay attention on one page - customized;
  • New Widgets to place on any page of website - BETA;
  • 200+ small improvements and tweaks in comparison to 2.3.11 release.
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