3.1.2 Version

New Features & Improvements

  • New predefined formatting styles in WYSIWYG for Knowledge Base and Announcements;
  • Added Statistics for Knowledge Base under Options;
  • Help Desk: improved email conflicts;
  • External Widget: now you can embed it on any page + several minor improvements;
  • Auto-Upgrade: now release notes will be displayed prior to upgrade process;
  • Quick Actions on topic page now could be triggered by clicking on hint at the right side;
  • Mobile Interface: improved related articles section, and left side bar that shows all tabs of desktop version;
  • Archived Topics are now displayed in search results;
  • Added pagination on Users page;
  • Improved footer and header for creating custom themes;
  • 20+ minor improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with removing all votes from comments if you tried to remove your vote;
  • Fixed issue on approving/declining topic or comment right from the email when object was on moderation;
  • Polls were not rotated correctly in home page widget;
  • Subscription link from email didn't work correctly;
  • Topics Widget: when grouped by category, widget didn't show uncategorised topics;
  • Added several translations;
  • Notifications: when agent created topic/ticket, selected assignees didn't get notifications;
  • Inline images were not shown in email notifications for topics/tickets;
  • Fixed retrieving country by ip on https environments;
  • Removed "Solved" status from tickets. Now you have only opened statuses;
  • Fixed filters on Dashboard;
  • Activity log could be accessed without allowed permissions;
  • Voting system didn't work correctly on Articles;
  • Merged Objects were not participated in search algorithm.
  • 20+ minor bug fixes and small issues.
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