3.3 Version

All parts of UseResponse were touched by this release: reports, ticketing, widgets, home screen, etc.

New Features

  • Internal notes for agents that replace reminders;
  • Clean system logs: added setting in administration area;
  • New feedback filter: trending topics;
  • Several widget profiles: now you can use different settings of widgets at the same time for various integrations;
  • New Roles architecture: made more straightforward agents role;
  • Convert topic - ticket and vice versa;
  • Export all or selected users.
  • Ability to print topics, announcements, tickets, articles with print-friendly formatting.
  • Added "Online Users" box;
  • Merge tickets to combine similar private requests submitted by users from one company.


  • Reports: show sources of all requests;
  • WYSIWYG: added label style for better formatting;
  • Mobile UI: added support to display custom fields;
  • Mobile UI: improved the process of adding feedback/ticket with implementing search in community;
  • Improved archiving of topics: now thanks are not automatically put in archive even if the setting is switched on;
  • Help Desk: source field is moved to conditions area;
  • Properties: now author on announcements page can be hidden;
  • Canned Responses: now there is an option to add canned response to be used for all agents;
  • Improved mailing log with filters, grouping;
  • Replaced main knowledge base page with tiles widget and extra options for Knowledge Base widget on home screen.
  • Added filters in topics widget on home screen;
  • Improved tickets search;
  • Sharing ticket: now you can share ticket and at the same time subscribe users.

Bug Fixes

  • The order of Knowledge Base articles wasn't correct on home screen of mobile UI;
  • WYSYWIG: fixed minor formatting issues;
  • Manage Knowledge Base: filters didn't work correctly to select articles;
  • Fixed several translation issues including Dashboard;
  • Email templates: when template is changed, there were no label for it to show on templates list;
  • Fixed minor issues with Social Login;
  • Activity Log: removed duplications of records on changing status for ticket;
  • Fixed "License Validation Checks" on several browsers;
  • Reports: fixed selection with "no comments", grouping by source;
  • Fixed users last activity on comment;
  • Fixed email notification encoding issues, when language was non English.

+70 more small tweaks and bug fixes in desktop, mobile interface, reports, agents bar, ticket rules, etc.

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