WhatsApp Business API - Official

WhatsApp is the number one messenger in coverage in the world but only a limited number of businesses have access to official API. But for the OnsiteSupport team, it's not an issue, so we have made the integration of WhatsApp along with other messengers.

WhatsApp integration is turned on manually for specific businesses, as billing is separate for this integration.

Make sure you have a WhatsApp Business account. If not, you need to create it first thing.


  • Install official wabiz docker container on your server via this instruction. You can also find the example of docker-compose.yml in attachments. 
  • Generate your own password and insert in the "nodes" group of chat service config with key "waBizPassword". (You don't need to delete other params in this section). For example:


  • Also in this section, you need to check param "webHookUrl". It should be with value

You should replace only the address of your chat service.

  • In the database of chat service find table ``ch_whatsapp_servers`` and insert a row with params: accound_id - 0, url - address of your docker container, by default container is running on port 9090, you can check port with commands "ps".
  • In your OnsiteSupport config you need to add a section:
'features' => [
    'whatsapp_official' => true,
  • In Administration -> Support channels add WhatsApp account. 
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