Confluence Integration

Confluence is a well-known wiki content management software that helps you publish and organize all company information in one place.

Confluence integration improves search functionality in OnsiteSupport and returns search results with wiki articles of your Confluence account directly in OnsiteSupport community.

Confluence Settings

To connect your Confluence account, please enable Confluence Wiki in Administration » Applications and perform the below instructions in Administration » Confluence:

  1. Enter your Confluence domain name (example;
  2. Fill out the admin username (email) that is used in the Confluence system and Api Token generated by following these instructions. Make sure two-step verification is enabled in your Confluence account. Click Submit button or test the connection first;
  3. After a successful connection, you'll see the number of spaces of your Confluence account. Please select the spaces that will be used in the search;
  4. In the Confluence account, you need to navigate to Space Settings » Permissions and Edit permissions for anonymous access. Check Read permissions so users could view the content in wiki space without authorization.


After successful connection there will be available the following options:

  1. Agent Interface:
    1.1. Returned results within the search for All Objects and Knowledge Base objects will add the articles from your wiki documentation;
    1.2. Wiki articles can be sent in agent's reply via OnsiteSupport ticketing or feedback system using WYSIWYG.
  2. Frontend - wiki articles will appear in search results for users:
    2.1. In Self-service, while submitting a new topic/ticket via the contact form in the community portal and embeddable support center widget;
    2.2. While entering a search query in the main help center search;
    2.3. When you try to add/search for keywords in the topics search widget on the home screen. 

The integration with Confluence can make the end-user experience as easy as possible to get the right answers from several business systems and support channels.

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