Custom Social Login

Any user can register and/or log in to your community using Facebook, Google Plus accounts or SSO. 

If you want your own social applications to be shown for users while creating accounts in your community, go to Administration » Applications and enable Social Login. Then click Settings and follow the below instructions.

All our customers with the self-hosted package should keep the system up-to-date in order to have social login working correctly.

Facebook Application

In order to use your custom application on Facebook, please do the following:

  • Go to and Add New app;
  • Select Website as an option and create new app id by stating name, category, live version;
  • Enter the website and the mobile version. Both URLs would be the same and should point to where OnsiteSupport is located.
  • Click next and go to My Apps;
  • Click your app and enter in Valid OAuth redirect URIs;
  • In the created app copy Application ID and App Secret;
  • Go to your OnsiteSupport Administration » Applications » Social Login » Settings and on the Facebook tab put the keys into the related fields and click Submit.

Now you should see your own application if you select the Facebook option on the login screen.

Google+ Application

In order to create an application in Google, you need a developers account. Once you have it, please follow the instructions:

  • Go to and create a new project;
  • Once the project is created, you need to go to API & Services » Credentials at the left navigation and create new Client ID -
  • Select the "Web Application" option, as Authorized Javascript origins enter your location of OnsiteSupport;
  • Enter Authorized Redirect URLs = URL of your community + login-oauth/google
  • Go to OnsiteSupport Administration » Applications » Social Login » Settings and at Google tab enter Client Secret and Client ID of the application that you've just created.
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