8.2 Version


  • Added ability to link objects with any external URL 
  • Added ability to add more than 5 columns in reports with ability of horizontal scroll
  • Added ability to import articles from ZD to corresponding locales (en -> en). *Make sure you recreate all needed portals with relevant languages prior starting an Migration Assistant import!!!


  • Added ability to populate custom field with AIrcall Call ID for Aircall integration 
  • Added ability to input IP ranges to REST API application instead of individual IPs
  • Renamed "Title" to "Subject" in ticket's creation
  • Renamed "Reports" to "Views" finally 🙂 
  • Renamed "Mailbox" to "Email" (days of mailbox are gone 😎)
  • Renamed "Additional Mailbox" -> "Additional Email"


  • Fixed Turkish dates values
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