8.1 Version


  • Freshdesk migration assistant: tickets, articles, agents, contacts similarly like Zendesk, Gorgias, HelpScout migrations. 


  • Added ability to upload SVG icons in attach files of admin/interface, portal's logo and widgets
  • Added DMARC option for Email flow setup to improve deliverability
  • Added flags to KB filters to quickly identify the languages
  • Renamed Ticket ID to ID. Now ID represents both tickets and topics' IDs for View's Export
  • Removed email errors as notes after clicking "Remove" in Mailing, if you cannot resend the messages (e.g. not connected SMTP)
  • Adjusted Latest Activity sorting: ascending will show recent activity first.


  • Made "Copy" icon visible in Email flow setup
  • Added back default switcher for Email to pick which email is used for outgoing messages by default
  • Fixed disability to disconnect Gmail as primary email 
  • Fixed disability to use canned responses after unlocking the ticket
  • Fixed showing # of objects in statistics' widgets in the portal user's profile
  • Fixed cut languages in KB

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