8.0.1 Version


  • Phone number as subID.
    • If the user creates a chat via chatbot filling only phone number without email address, phone number will be used as subID and store all customer's requests under 1 profile.
    • If the user creates a chat via chatbot filling only phone number and email address, email address will be used as primary ID. So you may end in situation with 2 contacts (user profiles).

      User 1
      email: widget-111111@localhost
      phone: +48 111 111 111

      User 2 
      email: user_email@gmail.com
      phone: +48 111 111 111

      In such situations if user creates a chat, it will be associated with user 2, as email a primary ID. You might want to merge both users, so all its requests will be under one contact (user profile)

  • Time limited CSAT. Now you can have a set an expiration time for the Satisfaction Survey. The Survey will no longer be available once the defined interval has passed.
  • Now you can open a chat widget with the message with the following code snippet:
    <a onclick="UR.openChatWidget('text_to_open_with')">Link</a> 


  • Changed "m" abbreviation to "min" and "mo" in chat view to clearer identification
  • Field "Description" has become optional in contact form. Now you can remove it.
  • We have significantly improved the canned response performance:
    • Now canned responses are loaded in the blink of the eye!
  • Agents restricted to change each other's teams. Only Admins allowed.
  • We split "Author" in triggers into "Initiator" and "Author". "Initiator" is the who triggered an event. E.g. Object is Updated by Initiator, while Author - is the one who created the object.
  • We made trigger "[Default] Reopen chat on user message" public
  • New comments to trashed tickets will create new ticket and won't get lost anymore!
  • Report's grouping option "completed_by" added 
  • Added ability to delete a chat message both for end-users and agents
  • SLA column is adde to export of reports
  • We made trigger public "Chat: Incoming Message" to notify the agent about chat creation, if its email notification channel is turned on. Feel free to disable it, if you don't want to receive email notifications.

Bug Fixes

  • Launch Canned-responses with # at any place, with no need to jump on a new 
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