Quick Guide to Start for Admins

This guide will help administrators to set up OnsiteSupport, support and feedback software on your website in just 20 minutes.


After a trial account in Cloud is created or a Self-Hosted package is installed, the first thing the admin or agents will see is a short tutorial on the user interface.

1. Change Basic System Appearance & Identity 

After reading the tutorial, you need to change the basic identity of your community. Give your support center the name, upload logos, change the "From Email" setting in Administration » Support Channels » Help Desk and set up a custom domain (for cloud versions).


2. Your Support Team

Invite your agents or create their accounts on your own to bring the support team on board. Departments would be a great choice for workflow automation.


3. Customize Home Screen

The home screen of the support center is the starting point for your customers.  Customize the home screen as you want according to your workflow and manage the top tabs.


Advanced users have access to custom CSS, js, images in Cloud Plan. Self-Hosted users can create their own themes.

4. Add Your Ideas & Questions

As a service or product owner, you already have some ideas in mind on how to improve and grow your business. Be the first to share them with your community. Add 2-3 questions/answers that you think your customers will ask first when they buy your product or use your service.

This way, you'll show the real content that will inspire your customers to share their thoughts and vote for other ideas.

5. Categories of Feedback

The main grouping option for topics is categorizing. Categories could be your products (module names, main features of your system), request types (general, service, sales, etc) or just any group that best works for your business to categorize ideas, questions or new requests.

If you want more grouping options or need more fields for your requests, go to the Custom Fields section in the administration area and create additional fields.

6. Start Using Support Channels

It's really easy to set up required support channels and takes only a few minutes: Embedded Widgets, Social Networks, Email Forwarding, Self-Service Community, API and more.


OnsiteSupport goes with predefined rules for feedback and help desk, but you'll need to check notifications for your agents and later manage custom rules.

We really hope you'll enjoy providing support to your customers as we do. 

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