2.3 Version

New Features / Modules

  • Knowledge Base: categorize articles in knowledge base and display them on home page or on any website page with widget.
  • Analytics: extended community statistics in table and different charts;
  • Extended filtering of responses on home page with various display options (6 options of home page view);
  • Change order of responses types in system under Responses settings;
  • Login Plus: added option to select only SSO authentication setting to remove standard login form;
  • Login Plus: option not to send password when using only SSO login;
  • Setting to change order of responses types in system under Responses settings;
  • Statuses Management in response types in Administration area.

Tweaks / Improvements

  • Various UI Improvements (~10 tweaks);
  • Top Bar: easy to use and access any feature using Top Bar with "Back to Top" option, and combined Members area;
  • Analytics: add external tracking scripts like google analytics.
  • Chat: Added setting to open chat widget after specified time when user comes to website;
  • Chat: added extra hashtag #info to show extended info where user is located, ip address, browser, current page;
  • Improved Auto-Updater;
  • Private Objects: removed from home page and added extra filter on responses list page;
  • Private Objects: moved Visibility option to the bottom of New Response page to make it more visible;
  • Categories module: removed categories page and added extra filter on responses list page;
  • If only one type response left in the system, remove All Responses filter, as it's not required;
  • Improved backend widgets page with tabs selection;
  • Added tooltips to categories list on New Response page if categories are too long;
  • Now knowledge base and responses could be shown at the same time on home page.
  • Now you can reply to several people in one comment.

Bug Fixes

  • When update was removed to trash it was still displayed on home page and couldn't be restored from trash;
  • While system upgrade, cache wasn't cleared correctly;
  • Knowledge Base: articles added to category were not displayed;
  • Images uploaded using WYSIWYG sometimes were deleted. Make sure you have public/files/temp folder writable.
  • Small bug fixes.
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