2.0 Version

New Features / Modules

  • Live Chat - place support chat on your website and provide support with IM client;
  • Surveys - add polls support to be attached to any response and rotated on home page;
  • API (experimental) - integrate UR in your applications to grab or add data, users, etc.
  • Mobile Interface (experimental) - use UR from any mobile device to quickly reply or add responses, comments;
  • Anonymous Topics - provide ability for your users to add response without registration;
  • Search People - now you can search people on People page if you have "Manage People" permissions;
  • Advanced Widget - new widget with ability to add topics inside it to place on your website;
  • Ticketing System: Now user can post private topics seen only to him as an author and company employees only (those who see private objects) from advanced widget and community.

Tweaks / Improvements

  • Default Sorting on Responses list now taken from the responses settings as on home page;
  • Merger module: Merged responses now seen only to Admin, Official Repr. and Can Merge Responses user permissions;
  • Merger module: While merging, votes from the same users don't calculate;
  • Full Name is now shortened to Name and first letter from Last Name on responses list;
  • Installer: Improved installation process with less folders to be writable;
  • On comment reply now you can check to notify only user whom you reply to + Admin, Off. Represent;
  • Private module: Replaced private comments feature with "Spoiler" in WYSIWYG to hide partially info inside comments visible to company employees.
  • Commenting: Now comments show all on the page without extra preloader on scrolling + with permalink for easy sharing;
  • WYSIWYG: Added Syntax Highlighter, Clean Formatting + improved formatting;
  • Files: now you can attach files to official responses;
  • UI Improvements: changed buttons, added some icons, moved private icon, moved follow link and off. answer box, etc.
  • RSS: Added official answers and comments in response;
  • + 20 more minor tweaks...

Bug Fixes

  • Activity Logs: When moving comment to trash in activity it showed as if we moved response;
  • Adding Responses on iphone/ipad was a problem because of no ability to select files;
  • RSS: all html tags are now trimmed;
  • Single Sign On: Remember me wasn't working;
  • SMTP Authentication on some environments didn't pass;
  • Uploaded long file names didn't display avatar on user profiles;
  • Incorrect detection of MYSQL version while installation on some environments;
  • All fields were cleared after you sign in in Safari while adding new response;
  • Some translations were missing in dictionaries;
  • The last tag wasn't added if not separated by comma or enter.

Security Fixes

  • Low Risk: Input passed to admin/languages/en/dictionary/resources/edit is not properly sanitized before being used to save PHP files. Can be vulnerable if logged in under Admin only;
  • Low Risk: The application allows users to perform certain actions via HTTP requests without performing any validity checks to verify the requests. Can be vulnerable if anonymous user is set any permissions in the system by admin.
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