2.3.2 Version


  • Moderation: improved moderation system, where users can be trusted to not moderate their responses. Several tweaks that makes moderation easier.
  • Now admins and who can manage topics have ability to see who voted for response
  • Mobile UI: made knowledge base articles and lists compatible with mobile version;
  • Improved W3C Compatibility;
  • If system moderation is turned off in settings, Moderation link in top bar is not shown.

Bug Fixes

  • Moderation Browse Feature: pagination when filtering by filed didn't work correctly;
  • While adding comment not logged in, popup didn't disappear;
  • Files Module: when adding comment only 1st file was uploaded;
  • Moderation: the badge on moderation item in top bar appeared even there were no items on moderation;
  • Simple widget: styles of statuses were incorrect when searching inside widget;
  • Categories: notifications on categories were shown not only on admins and representative profiles;
  • WYSIWYG: in chrome paragraphs after inserting image were messed up in some cases;
  • Fixed paginator valid count and display on user profile activity and responses list;
  • Login Plus: if only SSO was switched on in settings, "subscribe to topic" didn't go to 3rd party app if user was not logged in.
  • Categories module: if response was added not categorized, some admins and/or representatives didn't get notifications on new topics and comments;
  • Mobile UI: fixed filter by category on responses list page;
  • Fixed some crash report issues.

Security Fixes

  • High Risk: using SSO OneLogin method could have granted access to hackers to take admin permissions in system by entering any email in cookie.
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