2.3.1 Version

Tweaks / Improvements

  • API: added several commands to get simple view of response;
  • Top Bar: added search field and Browse Responses;
  • Chat: when chat is closed, widget it not closed, but user is reported with ability to save history and restart chat;
  • Knowledge Base: when going to category/sub-category, search field won't be shown;
  • Polls: if user already voted for it, it won't be shown for him on home page any more;
  • Improved Auto-Updater;
  • Private Objects: now responses take visibility of the selected category;
  • Upgrade: script checks if required folders are writable;
  • Categories: select with categories is not shown on responses list page if there are no categories;
  • Usability: use CTRL+right or CTRL+Left arrows on keyboard to go from one to another page.
  • Prevented registration by robots in community by extra check.
  • Added extra update check on Administration page;
  • Login Plus: improved SSO integration and usability.
  • Improved caching.

Bug Fixes

  • Analytics code wasn't shown in header that was added in Administration-Analytics settings;
  • Fixed duplicates in search results;
  • Fixed correct number of categories displayed on home page;
  • When clicked on tag in response, it's now shows in head title instead of just Search;
  • When adding multi reply in comments not all users where shown to only notify about reply under Adding comment box;
  • Single Sign-on: minor bug fixes while voting for response or comment.
  • Advanced Widget: while creating new response in widget, categories were not assigned to it even if selected.
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