1.0 Version


  • System module (responses, voting system, administration backend)
  • Resources module (commenting, mailing, voting, translations)
  • Ideas, Problems, Questions and Thanks Modules
  • Files module (support attachements in responses and comments)
  • Backup module (automatic and manual backup)
  • Categories module (assign responses to categories)
  • Login Plus (allow users to login using social engines)
  • Merger module (merge similar responses)
  • Private Objects module (add private responses, comments, categories)
  • Moderation module (pre- or post-moderate community with abuse feature)
  • Localization support including English and Russian translations
  • Mailing settings and email templates customizations
  • Trash management
  • Theme support (included default theme) and widget customization (1 widget)
  • Roles and permissions management
  • Scheduled Jobs - Frequently, Hourly, Daily
  • W3C compliant
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