1.0.1 Version


  • Improved cache that makes environment 30-50% faster
  • Activity Log UI improvements with new icons
  • Allow to add more than 1 object in a minute for Admin, Representative, Manage response permissions
  • Improved layouts, templates and themes customization with more flexibility features
  • Tweaked UI of email notifications when user replies to comment
  • Increased size of category icon on home page 32x32
  • Increased size of the font in side widget + 2px for better visibility
  • Better UI in display of paragraphs, replies, comments, response description
  • Now emails go with link to attached files if any in response or comment
  • Several attachments in response are opened now in separate browser tabs
  • Categories list page now has "No categories" item to show general responses
  • Integrated quick search on home page to provide similar responses before user can add them

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug when admin changes languages several times and it didn't clean browser cookies
  • Fixed minor translation issues in the system with several additions to dictionaries
  • Some translations in Category dictionary couldn't be saved
  • Fixed meta-title display that contained special characters
  • Fixed Google Login in Login Plus module: window size, export of avatar, 2nd authentication
  • Object title wasn't shown in hint under Title while adding response
  • When editing response, changing status parameters droped to default or could be lost;
  • Some untranslated messages were logged in system.log without any reason
  • Fixed doubled system dictionary in localization after system installation
  • Users could see private categories without having permission to see them
  • When editing private response it changed to public visibility
  • Fixed minor bugs with browser compatibility, mostly in IE8
  • "Themes" folder were not saved in system backup of Backup Module
  • Fixed search by date range problem on "Browse" page of Moderation module
  • Fixed .htaccess minor bug on some environments
  • In Login Plus when you add response or comment and want to login with Facebook it showed home page content inside in IE9
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