1.0.2 Version

Tweaks / Improvements

  • Themes: Added "Simple" theme that displays basics of system without shadows, coloring, etc
  • Now users can edit their responses/comments during 1 hour period to modify them in case of any mistake;
  • Backups Module: integrated "Restore from Backup" feature with the help of web interface and with side script;
  • Login Plus: Facebook login now doesn't require "allow_url_fopen" to be switched on;
  • New "I've Voted" filter at User Profile + show number of user votes at user profile statistics box;
  • Increased size of category icon on home page 32x32
  • All links to responses don't include type (idea, problem, question, thanks) in the link, but both ways work;
  • Removed duplication of "Profile" wording in side area of user profile;
  • Improved voting system: all "Vote" buttons are inactive where you left the vote for response;
  • Optimized css and js merging several styles in one and transferring necessary js outside themes;
  • Improved people filtering and view;
  • When clicked on the link to get to Private Response, you'll be notified about that with prompt to login;
  • Installer: when UseResponse is installed on server folder, instructions are shown what to change in .htaccess

Bug Fixes

  • Files Module: attached .txt files are now opened correctly;
  • Special characters displayed incorrectly in links, activity logs, merged responses, while response adding;
  • Official Representatives didn't get notifications when other official representative or admin added answer;
  • Removed "Subscribers" and "Participants" items from breadcrumbs when admin you are on others profile;
  • Email Notifications: Variable :response_type wasn't translated;
  • Merger Module: several responses didn't merge at once and didn't update cache in "Categories"
  • Merger module: fixed roles with merged objects visibility;
  • Multiple selection on Trash didn't work;
  • Fixed minor translation bugs.
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